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You sing in my mind
when I'm happy, when I'm sad
Your voice is the rain, leaves quivering in the trees
when you sing in my mind, I'm in love

The thoughts of you in my mind
lighten up my day like the morning sun
In this mundane world, full of crying souls
you stand on your ground, come what may

Have you forgotten me? In his eyes
in his hands, between her lips
Love is gone, when you're gone
Sometimes, I look by the windows, I remember...

In between countless days and nights
I have found you among millions
The part of me, that's missing
I feel whole for we're one

The world left us, we did what we could to
How strange life we live
I'm my own traitor: heartless
I can hear your voice, and I'm waiting for you

I stand with the chasing waves before me
a portrait of you in my sweating palm
I shout, I call out your name with tears
All I could hear was the breaking ocean

You say you're fine but I know you're lying
Fall in love, live together but to what future?
The waves take you away, so far...
I feel your distress, tonight you don't sing in my mind

I run and run from everything
but the past keeps on tapping my shoulder
These wet streets I walk on
please somebody, take me to eternity

I left as I came
Your poison running through my veins
It's a sad place to die
alone, unhappy and so young

I'm waiting in the coldest winter
this emptiness in me has frozen
Will you ever be here at all?
because I will always be here, for you
This was my first collaboration with brilliant Alex. I could not have done this without her. All compliments go to her. We are the poets of new generation, yeah? ^.^
The idea or theme is quite unique for me even though it's about love and it's a common idea. But how it became unique is that you made the reader think of an ending from the first verse. I was thinking that it is a perfect love but as I read it until the end, the good story was in the past and it was actually hoping for a second chance. It is also like a one sided love. And the title is very interesting.

Anyway, I would like to suggest that I think the emotion on this poem will flow more if you write it with rhyme. But the words that you used are all fine for me. And you also put it on the song & lyrics category. I think this should be on the free verse because you didn't set a meter and it has no rhyme too.

Overall, it is all good and I am looking forward for more works from you in the future. That's all, thank you and I hope that this would help you.
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May 13, 2014
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