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White carnation on my left ear's gap, I put
so I swayed my purple swing the highest
I smiled, laughed and daydream
in between the trees of old memories

Mother's laugh alongside my old man
Grandma's humming at the porch
Magic bubbles my sister blew away
my remembrance to keep

The blue-winged leafbird chirps endlessly
For whom do they sing?
A handful of dandelions you blew quietly
For whom do you wish?

The innocents chasing a wild roundabout
Should life be fun, if I can take it?
The child in me, I was trying to find
Should life be wonderful, if I being rhapsodical?

My grey melancholy through the looking glass,
the rain has been pouring for centuries
I thought I had you in an embrace,
my hands have been empty for all this time

The sea of wandering souls, I merge into
their soft murmur echoes in my head
Those raw hearts they were hiding
does anyone know at all?

The length of days I feel in summertime
overflowing rays of sunshine on my face
The rhapsody of colors of nature
with poise, I sketch my hazy tomorrow
I'd like to dedicated this poem to Tuyen. :huggle: :heart:
Inspiration: A little girl with radiant smile, Tuyen.

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Submitted on
October 4, 2015
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